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Details bitblin-ZLIM-Mini-Lampe-LED-faltbar-mit-USB-Wei-18x-25x-4cm

¡No te pierdas la revolucionaria mini lámpara LED plegable Zlim Light! Gracias a su moderno y original diseño, esta lámpara portátil resulta muy cómoda y manejable. Dispone de interruptor on/off y 16 LED de luz blanca fija de alta luminosidad y bajo ...

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Details Problem-Solving-and-Programming-Concepts

Problem Solving and Programming Concepts, 9/e, is a core or supplementary text for one-semester, freshman/sophomore-level introductory courses taken by programming majors in Problem Solving for Programmers, Problem Solving for Applications, any ...

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Details The-Art-of-Problem-Posing

The Art of Problem Posing Describes and provides examples of the relationships between problem posing and problem solving, and explores the educational potential of integrating the two activities in classrooms. It encourages readers to shift their ...

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Details Whats-Your-Math-Problem-Professional-Resources

What's Your Math Problem? Dig into problem solving and reflect on current teaching practices with this exceptional teacher's guide. Meaningful instructional tools and methods are provided to help teachers understand each problem solving strategy and ...

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Details Daily-Warm-Ups-Problem-Solving-Math-Grade-6-Problem-Solving-Math-Grade-6-Daily-Warm-Ups-Word-Problems

L-sen von Textaufgaben erfordert sowohl Strategie und Geschick. Wenn sie mit einem Problem konfrontiert, m-ssen die Sch-ler herausfinden, wie das Problem zu l-sen - und dann, es zu l-sen! Die 250 -bungen in jedem Buch die Sch-ler lernen eine Vielzahl ...

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Details The-Happy-End-Problem

CD: Fred Frith,The Happy End Problem: DIGIPAK

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Details Your-Problem

CD: Psycore,Your Problem

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Details Hilberts-Tenth-Problem-Relations-with-Arithmetic-and-Algebraic-Geometry-Contemporary-Mathematics

Hilbert's Tenth Problem Discusses the relations between Hilbert's tenth problem, arithmetic, and algebraic geometry. This book addresses such areas as Hilbert's tenth problem for various rings and fields, and model theory and local-global principles ...

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Details A-Group-Theoretic-Tabu-Search-Approach-to-the-Traveling-Salesman-Problem

The traveling salesman problem (TSP) is a combinatorial optimization problem that is mathematically modeled as a binary integer program. The TSP is a very important problem for the operations research academician and practitioner. This research ...

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Details Problem-based-Learning-Kompetenzen-frdern-Zukunft-gestalten-Zeitschrift-fr-Hochschulentwicklung

Die Beiträge dieses Sonderheftes zum Problem-based-Learning-Kongress 2016 in Zürich diskutieren die Themenschwerpunkte "Explorative Lernumgebungen und Kompetenzentwicklung", "Implementation und Evaluation von Problem-based Learning" und ...

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Details Ochre-Pollution-as-an-Ecological-Problem-in-the-Aquatic-Environment-Solution-Attempts-from-Denmark-Verockerung-als-gewsserkologisches-Problem-Lsungsanstze-aus-Dnemark-

With her paper "Ochre Pollution as an Ecological Problem in the Aquatic Environment - Solution Attempts from Denmark" the german environmental biologist Hilke Prange presents an important topic, which - perhaps caused by its chronic appearance and ...

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Details Windows-Phone-7-Recipes-A-Problem-Solution-Approach

[{ Windows Phone Recipes: A Problem Solution Approach (New)[ WINDOWS PHONE RECIPES: A PROBLEM SOLUTION APPROACH (NEW) ] By Ferracchiati, Fabio Claudio ( Author )Dec-07-2011 Paperback By Ferracchiati, Fabio Claudio ( Author ) Dec - 06- 2011 ( Paperback ...

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Details Simpsons-Fleecedecke-Kuscheldecke-Motiv-Problem-Child

The Simpsons Fleece Blanket Motiv: Problem Child Farbe: Grau Maße: 120 x 140 cm Material: 100% Polyester

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Details Amelia-Sparklepaws-Party-Problem-Magic-Animal-Friends-Special-Edition

Amelia Sparklepaw's Party Problem (Magic Animal Friends: Special Edition)

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Details Bodo-Bach-Ich-htt-da-gern-mal-ein-Problem

EMS Bodo Bach - Ich hätt' gern mal ein Problem, USK/FSK: 6+ VÃ--Datum: 23.11.06