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Details bitblin-ZLIM-Mini-Lampe-LED-faltbar-mit-USB-Wei-18x-25x-4cm

¡No te pierdas la revolucionaria mini lámpara LED plegable Zlim Light! Gracias a su moderno y original diseño, esta lámpara portátil resulta muy cómoda y manejable. Dispone de interruptor on/off y 16 LED de luz blanca fija de alta luminosidad y bajo ...

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Details Trends-and-Issues-in-Distance-Education-International-Perspectives-An-International-Perspective-Perspectives-in-Instructional-Technology-and-Distance-Education

This book seeks to make a contribution to the discipline of distance education by presenting international perspectives on the state of the field and examining and discussing specific current trends and issues faced by the distance learning community ...

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Details Alternative-Perspectives-of-a-Good-Society-Perspectives-from-Social-Economics

Alternative Perspectives of a Good Society As a collection of alternative views on societies, methodologies, policies and assessment of the current elements of the society, Alternative Perspectives on a Good Society brings together different authors ...

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Details Volume-2-Cases-and-Perspectives-Syntheses-and-Perspectives-Research-on-Technology-and-the-Teaching-and-Learning-of-Mathematics-Syntheses-Cases-and-Perspectives

A volume in Research on Technology and the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics: Syntheses, Cases, and Perspectives According to NCTM's Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, "Technology is essential in teaching and learning of mathematics ...

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Details Multiple-Perspectives-on-Mathematics-Teaching-and-Learning-International-Perspectives-on-Mathematics-Education-Band-1

Multiple Perspectives on Mathematics Teaching and Learning Authors analyze mathematics education from a range of perspectives. They address such practical problems as: maximizing the impact of teacher education programmes; increasing learning ...